[Main Theme: Education for Humanity]
5 - 7 July, 2019 – Sofia, Bulgaria

Teachers are believed to have a major impact on establishing security and peacebuilding within countries. Considering the fact that Turkey and its ancient neighbours are tightly bonded in this province, International Leading Educators Association is organizing The International Leading Teachers Summit. The summit will be held biannualy and the theme is respectively "Education for all! Education for everything!”.

Considering the conflicts that are spread all over the world and existing chaos on the global scale, we need to come up with a common language of peace. We strongly believe that educators in this part of the World may start an initiative and contribute to the existing ones aiming to share their local experiences and knowledge in order to figure out fine and sophisticated solutions for peacebuilding and security issues. Your presence will assist us to unearth this beautiful treasure. You may compare your contemporary experiences, inspire other educators with sharing information about your efforts, improve existing teaching techniques and maybe develop new methods on this ideal. International Leading Educators Associaton set the goal for this summit as defining and then strenghthening the prospects for peace in the regions/countries of origin and finally at a global level through the students and educators.

We cordially invite all teachers and educators to meet in Bulgaria for the Summit. During the Summit you are welcome to share your thoughts and experiences related to the theme of “Theme: Education for all! Education for everything!” through country reports, paper presentations, posters or workshops.