• Country Report: Report on multicultural experiences of your country in education.
  • Paper Presentation: Oral or written presentation related to main theme of the Summit.
  • Training Workshop: 60 min training topic and program on how to realize multiculturalism in classrooms or in schools.
  • Discussion Workshop: Topics and outline for a 60 min group discussion related to main theme of the Summit.

Country Reports should primarily focus on:

  • How the government of your country implement “Cross-cultural Education and Multicultural Experiences in Education”

Paper Presentations might be on:

  • Comparative study on cross-cultural education and multicultural educational experineces
  • Education and social peacebuilding
  • Role of education system in enhancing social diversity
  • Education system and basic human rights
  • Realationship of school and society and role of NGOs
  • Teacher training policies in terms of contribution to social peacebuilding
  • Media, peacebuilding and education
  • Best practice and examples on peace and harmony inside classrooms and school
  • Social media and its reflections on multiculturalism
  • Applications that contribute to multiculturalism in digital media
  • Best practices of multicultural education in different countries
  • Curriculums and multiculturalism
  • Education and international mobility
  • Education and migration
  • Project on cross-cultural education
  • Current and tomorrow’s perspective of emerging global educational networks

Training Workshop might be on:

  • Educational practices to develope individual independency
  • Teaching activities for social peace in classrooms
  • Teaching activities how to be in peace with itself and society
  • Designing multicultural teacher’s lounge
  • Teaching activities on tolerance, justice, equality, self-esteem, compassion
  • Best practices to contribute for a better understanding of multiculturalism via social media, websites and mobile applications

Discussion Workshop might be on:

  • Peace, education and school
  • Multiculturalism in education
  • Cross-cultural education
  • Textbooks and intercultural education
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